Fire Alarm System

What is an automatic fire alarm system?

Automatic fire alarm system is a system composed of many devices that automatically detect and notify the location of fire when a fire occurs, and it operates continuously 24/24h.

Especially, with the automatic fire alarm system using smoke detector, it also has the important task of "warning", ie detecting and announcing the burning, smoldering when there is no fire. .

Fire alarm systems include fire alarm, fire detectors, and other peripherals.

Honeywell Fire Alarm Solutions

Benefits of using an automatic fire alarm system:

- Predict the imminent danger due to the system of smoke detectors, heat detectors, etc.

- Easy to handle when the problem is due to the appropriate fire-fighting equipment and easy to use.

- Avoid the hazards and limit the consequences of fire.

- Brings a sense of security and mental comfort to the user.

Basic components of the fire alarm system:

- Fire Alarm Control Panel: It is designed as a cabinet with main equipment: a mainboard controller, modules, transformer and a battery.

- Input devices: smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas alarms, fire alarms, emergency switches

- Output devices: auxiliary display (keypad), alarm, siren, alarm light, exit lamp, automatic telephone dialer.

Notifire 3030 Fire Alarm System - Honeywell

Classification of fire alarm system

* Classification according to the working principle of the fire detector:
- Automatic fire alarm system using heat detector: This system mainly detects the temperature change in the protection zone. This is an automatic fire alarm system working according to the working principle of the fire alarm.

- Automatic fire alarm system using smoke detector: is an automatic fire alarm system based on the working principle of smoke detector. This system mainly detects an increase in the concentration of smoke in the protected area.

- Automatic fire alarm system using photo detector: working according to the working principle of fire alarm. This system mainly detects the intensity of the fire of the fire in the protected area.

- Automatic fire alarm system using mixed detector: It is the working system based on the working principle of the fire alarm mixer such as: fire alarm and smoke, fire alarm and fire. This system mainly detects changes in environmental factors in the protected area.

* Classification according to the specification of fire alarm system:

- Addressable fire alarm system (Addressable fire alarm system): is an automatic fire alarm system with the ability to fire accurately to each location of specific addresses. The protection area of ​​a fire alarm address is limited to a few tens of square meters depending on the type of fire alarm. Currently the fire alarm system by address is intelligent fire alarm system. This is an automatic fire alarm system other than the conventional fire alarm function, it can also measure some environmental parameters of the area where the fire detector is installed, such as temperature, smoke concentration, etc. and can change the impact threshold of the fire detector required by the designer and installation.

- Automatic fire alarm system by region (Common fire alarm system - Couventional fire alarm system): is an automatic fire alarm system with fire function to a zone, a place. The protection area of ​​an area from a few dozen to 2000 m2 depending on the characteristics of the area.

Principles of operation of fire alarm system

- Normally the whole system is in direct mode. In this mode the fire control panel always has a signal to check the operation of the equipment in the system and the fire alarms, modul ... also have a feedback center. From time to time, the center will print the status of the system and information about the equipment that needs maintenance. In the circuit there is always running Io current.
- In the monitoring mode, if the center receives an error message from the device or does not receive a response from the device, the center switches to trouble mode. All information about the problem will be displayed on the LCD monitor. When the error is fixed, the problem mode will end and the system will return to normal monitoring mode.
- When the fire occurs in the protected areas, the environmental factors of fire (temperature, smoke, light) change, which will affect the fire detectors. When these factors reach the operating threshold, the fire detectors will work to generate the signal to the central (including fire alarm and fire alarm address). At the fire control center, the following signal processing operations will be performed according to the programmed program to indicate the fire zone of the central loudspeaker and the LCD monitor. At the same time the corresponding peripherals will activate to fire the fire alarm and perform the tasks set out.
- In the event that the fire alarm center has additional monitoring function for other equipment, when there is a change in the status of equipment, the system will switch to notify the equipment to monitor status change. . Information about this change will be displayed on the heart screen of the heart. This mode also ends automatically if the monitored equipment returns to its normal position.

- When there is a fire (sudden increase in temperature, smoke or sparks occur), the input devices receive the signal and transmit information of the trouble to the fire control center. The center handles the received information, locates the location of the fire (through zones or addresses) and transmits the information to the output devices. These devices will emit light and sound signals so people know where the fire is and handle it in time.

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