Camera - CCTV System

Camera - Closed Circuit Televison (CCTV)

CCTV systems are increasingly used because they can operate tirelessly throughout the day. They help the manager know what is going on and what happens when they can not keep an eye on the area where the CCTV system is monitoring. For simplicity in calling, we often call CCTV system is camera monitoring system.

CCTV system architecture

Today CCTV systems are widely used in the security industry and in daily life. They help the society become more secure and orderly through cameras like the eyes and ears of the public and private alleys. They help many individuals and government agencies save time and money by transferring images from remote areas to the center. Remote monitoring is easy with the help of the internet.

Supervision of public security

The CCTV system plays an enormous role in the security industry, thanks to the ability to monitor anytime, anywhere security personnel can not. The public areas that CCTV can monitor are offices, apartments, banks, gold shops, casinos, airports, military bases, etc.
The CCTV system contributes to reducing crimes as the resources of the security industry are limited and not covering every corner of the critical public sector.

Business supervision

For businesses with many factories, branches or representative offices, monitoring the production process, the working style of employees is extremely demand. While business owners go to work anywhere, they always grasp the situation of their business wherever they are.
In addition, the CCTV system helps to protect the security, security, intrusion and fire prevention in enterprises.

Monitor the production process

In high-automation manufacturing plants, the placement of multiple CCTV cameras for monitoring is very important. Through the image obtained from the camera will promptly detect the machine trouble or defect products to repair, adjust to get the output quality products.

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