BMS System

What is a Building Management System (BMS)?

BMS (Building Management System) is a synchronous system that allows control and management of all technical systems in the building such as electrical system, water supply system, air conditioning, warning environment, security, fire alarm and fire fighting, etc., ensure the operation of the equipment in the building is accurate, timely, efficient, energy saving and save operating costs. The BMS system is a real-time, online, multi-user, multi-user, microprocessor-based synchronous system consisting of central processors with all software and hardware hardware. , input and output devices, regional microprocessors, sensors and controllers via point matrices.

The building management system (BMS) controls and monitors the following systems:

  • Power distribution station
  • Generator backup
  • Lighting systems
  • Air conditioning and ventilation system
  • Domestic water supply system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Elevator system
  • Public audio system
  • Access control card system
  • Security system

Integration solution and control of BMS system

BMS Video System

 Features of BMS

  • Allows the utility (smart device) in the building to operate synchronously, exactly according to the requirements of the operator.
  • Allows control of building applications through control cables and network protocols
  • Connect the technical systems such as security, fire alarm ... through the interface of the system open interface with the language interface according to international standards
  • Monitor the air environment, human working environment
  • Consolidate, report information
  • Report a problem, giving timely warning signs before any problems
  • Data management includes program editing, database management, graphics editing, data archiving and archiving
  • BMS system is flexible, scalable with solutions ready to meet all requirements

Benefit from BMS

  • Simplify and automate the operation of repetitive procedures and functions
  • Better management of building equipment thanks to data storage system, maintenance program and automatic warning system
  • Reduce problems and respond quickly to customer requests or when problems occur
  • Reduce energy costs through centralized management, control and energy management
  • Reduced staffing costs and staff training time - Easy to use, intuitive user-friendly management model that minimizes personnel and training costs
  • Easy to upgrade, flexible in programming according to demand, size, organization and different requirements

The structure of BMS system consists of 4 parts:

  • Central control software
  • Equipment management
  • Bộ điều khiển cấp trường
  • Cảm biến và các thiết bị chấp hành

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